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Mo Yan

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Mo Yan 1026306.

my name is Chloe. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a free movie station!


my station is www.csdvd, there is no need to advertise. Even playing. I believe people here will not go to advertising,

is advertising. Don’t look down the.

  my first hosting server, then find Zhang, Fay. Of course resources is the movie resources.

    their server is really slow, 800G data, the full 4 days after.

&; resources have started. To find the program. So he asked the small Yoko wanted a breaking process, to the herd, he let his technology began to modify the.

  heard DIV+CSS is very popular. So that a herd. The results technology will mimic the bnb88 style,

  engage in a div+css style . Then the website set up well, to put advertising, exchange links, there is not much to say. It is reasonable to website

  advertising position enriched OK.

  said that under the following on the promotion of.

  and then began to promote. Here is the focus of promotion, a push, a wide.

  my understanding is: "push" is not free publicity, "wide" is advertised, is to spend money drops of.

  first push: first find a few webmaster friends. Oh. This link will give me face, unless they have no position, or I will Aguirre,

  and then apply for exchange chain,,, is686, 7clink,

  because long ago understanding "