Station six months turned into Taobao guest ArmyRookie share Taobao experience and lessons for two y

recently, I began to operate a Taobao rebate station. This station is of great advantage, such as easy promotion, once there is a certain amount of membership, to achieve profitability becomes very easy, moreover this kind of website compared with other types of Taobao off site competition is also small, much larger living space. Is this kind of website operation management is hard but the drawbacks, the construction cost is high, the profit benefit long cycle.

promotion Taobao guest website type is too much, the author above also just use some of their own actual combat experience to talk about a few kinds of more mainstream. I hope that the above content can be done to some Taobao customers or to be friends with Taobao

is to contact Taobao in 09 years, when Taobao customer has just started, but due to promotion, good reputation, let it join the advantages of low threshold to attract a large number of loyal fans in a very short period of time, a member of the author is also one of the. In the past few years, the author created a small less than more than 10 for the promotion of Taobao customer site, but to achieve a profit of only a few stations, the reason in addition to its own factors I, or more types of Web sites positioning error. Well, I would like to talk about the experience and lessons of Taobao customers in the past few years.

in 09 years in January to one of my friends, let me register a domain name vip360, said the domain name for a garbage station. But when he said that the domain name has been registered by others. Then I registered a similar domain name, then he said, laying on top of some anti-virus software activation code, and then let everyone free to use. For a start, not what traffic is just above just put a few shlf1314 ads a week is not what click.


remember just beginning to hear the word "Taobao", is in the 08 years to December. At that time the name is also called Amoy Amoy, but do not know what to do, just know in the forum post on the blog promotion of goods, or the promotion of goods can earn commissions. Because at that time only know shlf1314 Adsense, and sh419 alliance above click on ads, as long as the ads are clicked on have income, so that Taobao off this promotion effect in accordance with the revenue sharing form is much more difficult, so I was not on the in-depth understanding to the results, a chance in a few months before joining Taobao off the army.


I know, Taobao customer is not pie in the sky thing, could not every day to.

has the first failure of the lesson, the author found that completely to imitate other sites and web content, lack of practicality is not good. After several weeks of observation and analysis, I have created my second Taobao station, which is a crown shop. It has the advantage of meeting the needs of users, and the disadvantage is that information collection is more difficult. Because this station is valuable to the user, so it is profitable after being popularized.

had a lot of people have joined Taobao off the army, there are a lot of people set up a dedicated website income. At that time I was determined to join Taobao customers, but what type of site without a clue. So I went online to find some source code. One day to see a special Taobao crown shop navigation code. Think this is a good idea. So the code download, the site of the title, the name is called Taobao crown book stores. As is the use of other people’s code, so to put PID into their own. There is a lot of code has expired link. So to test them out. Because this thing is so many links to make up more trouble. Of course, in order to maximize revenue, so I home page in the website, the Commission is higher in all categories in all stores, more prominent position. Then hurry to space code. Full of joy waiting for income. The first few days only 3-5 IP in recent days almost fifty or sixty people visited. Although not every income, but also gradually on the right track.

remember, the first thing I did was a Taobao passenger station with an API interface. The idea is very simple, as long as the content rich sites this station content is fully automatic acquisition and to fill in their own, Taobao ID, on time every day to collect the content, finally promotion in the sending site on the line, but the fact is that a station in the promotion of three months after zero profit because eventually I gave up. The reason is very simple, although this station is easy to manage, but because of the nature of competition on the big crowd Pang, moreover this kind of website content availability is low, the user can go directly to the taobao shopping, didn’t have to bend around your site to Taobao.

months later, slowly flow up, but the ad rate is still too low. So I try to put on top of the Ali Mama advertising, they had just launched a smart advertising, so I put it on the internet. The beginning did not seriously, I did not expect second days to see Ali mother the actually have a transaction record. Although only earned a mere seven pieces of five, but it encourages to me is very big. I saw the original Taobao customer can indeed make money, to the community to understand.

tasted the sweetness, and I decided to follow the big stream, to do a single page Taobao railway station. This station is the long tail keyword optimization, but due to a station in the operation effect, I think that as long as a station, profitable day ground connection and mail is easy, the operation station because the wrong way, or died. I believe that although such stations are easy to manage, but for those who do not understand SEO technology friends, it is said that it is not suitable for operation.