SEO should control the chain operations of the flow and form of surprise

in improving the keywords ranking, keyword external links is very important, and this is also a search engine to improve the site ranking a reference factor. For the webmaster station optimization is the foundation, then the station optimization is to improve, do the keywords of the station optimization is conducive to the overall site ranking and traffic improvements, today I will talk about how to carry out effective keywords of the layout of the external links, keywords layout should use what kind of layout.

one, keyword layout is the best way to relevance sites

many webmaster want to ask, why should the correlation keywords layout layout in the website? Here we have to mention the problem about the correlation between flow and PR oriented websites can lead to the following, I give an example for everyone:

A website is building type website, B website is real estate kind of website, C website is clothes kind website

so this several links cross each other can bring positive effect is: A*B> B*C> A*C, A and B website website because the two industry is closely related to real estate, which is the construction industry, the construction industry including real estate. B site and C site are living sites, people have the basic necessities of life, and this is the clothing and live together, but the relevance of this combination and less than the building and real estate, as for A and C is needless to say, these two sites had nothing to do, so only at the end of the line.

everyone in the future layout keywords should also pay attention to this problem, seventy percent keywords layout should be relevant keyword layout, thirty percent keywords layout can be introduced into other types of sites, this is a best way to optimize the correlation ratio.

two, contribute keywords, weight, dynamics,

submission has become a way to increase many webmaster site outside the chain, and now more well-known submission methods are SEOWHY, Chinaz, A5 and so on, these websites will make contribution contributors plus an anchor text link, a big wish this is many webmaster, by writing their experience, share their the construction mode can be used for submission of this kind of method is very good. 1 is able to increase the chain, and 2 is able to introduce anchor text keyword weight, 3 is able to introduce a certain amount of traffic. Therefore, I think the second forms of keyword layout, you can use the article to increase the flow of keywords, so as to achieve the purpose of improving rankings.

three, use forum signature layout keyword link

forum signature do optimization in the 10 and 11 years can be said to be set off a boom, through countless stationmaster register registered forum, then a valid signature is obtained by updating the data, and then use the machine, posting and reply post replies machine continuously, one night the chain reached keywords a >