Stand for five years of harvest the most likely to lead to failure of the five major incentives

do stand for five years, compared to many of the seniority of the old webmaster is not long, compared to many new station long ring new webmaster, also regarded as an old qualification". In this five years, witnessing the webmaster friends around a lot bigger and stronger, by doing really gain a lot of station, there are also many webmaster like it because of this reason, finally chose to quit, ended in gloom. Although I didn’t like some of my friends made very dazzling, but also by veteran let do stand to become their own can make life independent means. The most important is that through the five years of experience doing stand, I endured their failure, also saw many others fail, these failures are a fortune, it can help you do not fall two times in the same place, to improve the chances of success.

A5 use this I most familiar and favorite platform to share my experience and failure on the old and new owners, not only can let me have a summary of the past, can to some extent help other owners, related problems, pay attention to take precautions, detours. Overall, I summed up five of the most likely causes of failure:

first: regardless of tomorrow, only for the immediate temporary small profits, small greed.

and many people, once I do station purpose is very strong, that is, in order to make money, but I through communication and learning to correct their paranoia. Some owners are not correct ideas, just to earn a short sight is a good, full of pop on the website, and even advertising fraud Trojan, the download link, this station but are not able to as trassient as a fleeting cloud, to survive, not to mention the long-term profit.

second: too many ideas, an idea that did not persist for more than three months.

some webmaster friends are very talented and creative. It’s good to have ideas and ideas, but once too much, it may backfire. Some webmaster friends I know is because too many ideas, always in practice some ideas when there is a new inspiration, for the previous ideas overthrown again, so the site can withstand toss, a scheme has not been implemented for more than three months before the effect has not yet appeared and then abandoned. Failure has come quietly.

third: too heavy technology seriously ignores the importance of content management and website operations.

technology is the necessary way to make the idea come true, but it is not the necessary condition for the success of the website. How many webmaster do not have professional station building technology, just with ready-made site construction program, as a success, rely on the content of the website and use, and also is to rely on the operation of the forum. On the contrary, some webmaster think that they do not have technology, always dedicated to the realization of a certain function, or else that success is bound to have nothing to do with themselves, but ignore the content and operation of the site.

fourth: behind closed doors, the site as indulge in self-admiration.


is standing by" No.