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today, let’s talk about some of the concepts of science. This is the conversion rate".

electricity providers are formula

has been with Taobao for so many years, and that’s what I think in my bones. I have been in "play changed" book has been mentioned a lot of formulas, electricity providers in the field, as long as the pursuit of profits, then you can use some formulas to decompose.

The simplest example of

is this one. I’m sorry. I’m a science background. I like to deduce formulas, but they’re a little clearer.)


so, when I was on the electricity supplier and the store for the diagnosis of various sources and transformation often list shop, and then to judge every step of the transformation and the data is in the normal range, so it is easy to find the root cause.

conversion is the focus of the pursuit of

that complex derivation above, what we see is, whether it is traffic guidance or in the purchase, there are a variety of conversion rates. This allows us to understand the steps of transformation. For example, advertising to guide the flow, we should know that advertising will show how many times, then advertising click rate is to store the transformation, then, this group of people will not buy also not necessarily, will have to buy conversion rate……

so these are all messages on a chain. There is a ring, the problem will not normal, such as click rate is very high, often cheat click (such as sexy small pants), that will inevitably lead to lower conversion rate of arrival page.

for electricity providers in the efforts of things, but often go biased, for example, they will reduce the unit price, improve the amount of display, which in fact does not guarantee profits. Some people say that this is called playing the market, I have always wanted to say, do not make money, play what electricity supplier?.

again, I think the focus of the pursuit of electricity supplier, there is no doubt that it should be "conversion rate", in all aspects of higher conversion, there is real significance.

conversion must be made clear who converted to whom,

people often ask me how their conversion rate is 2%, every time I ask "who who transformed?" so, must be clear, since it is a "transformation", there must be a change from A to B, B is divided by A.

and the corresponding B, is generally a behavior, such as purchase, such as registration.

we take Taobao, Taobao itself in the station there are many kinds of transformation, the most often seen is the following.


this is a typical Taobao browsing path, and all conversions are on one path. There are several transformations in it.

every day to Taobao has tens of millions of people, which bought millions of single, so the total purchase rate of conversion in 5%->