One hundred steel is better than soft fingers decrypt Taobao guest website killer

2012 should be regarded as Taobao’s guest year, a variety of Taobao guest website rise, as well as the rebate network once prosperous, all to do Taobao guest SEOER with a lot of income. Taobao guest in 2012, bet on treasure, find the right direction. But in 2013, the Taobao fever was over, and in 2012 the crowded Taobao site crowded the market. It can be said that 2013 is Taobao’s "alchemy year", the user out of Taobao fever frenzy, began to calmly and rationally treat Taobao guest website, Taobao guest website also faces competitive pressure too big problem. This time is officially settled, owners must be solemn pending, with the exhibition means, strive to exhaust all the skills. At this point, there is a trick: a hundred steel, better than soft fingers. Compared to the bombing of marketing tools, methods and means all threads neatly tied up, is the real key to seize the user.

long-term investment: there is investment, only harvest,

do Taobao customers, or that SEO is the most taboo, flighty and impetuous off. Everything needs investment and it pays off. It’s more important to do a good job than to advertise and make use of advertising profits. In choosing goods, it is more important to choose quality goods than those with high returns. Beginning of the beginning of the site, thinking about running blindly to profit, and ultimately there is no way to profit. First of all want to provide convenience for Internet users, thinking of doing a good job site, profitability will be able to follow.

but not to pick the high quality low income goods, after all, this is a rare commodity. Sometimes the customer is very strange, things cheap, he felt the quality is too bad, expensive things, he felt that the goods are not right, the board is not worth the price of goods. For online shopping, there is no buy cheap things feel embarrassed, or buy expensive things like "all factors". Therefore, compared to other classification standards, Xiao Bian believes that the price classification is the most appropriate. Users can quickly find what they want, and because Taobao customers have been pre screened, without looking at repeated content. This really can do for the user to share, therefore, in the selection of goods, first of all to the selection of high quality goods, improve the credibility of the site. Second, you can also pick up more profitable products to meet the needs of different user groups, which are also a major source of early revenue for your website.

soft marketing: bypassing customer reverse psychology

we must have watched the Spring Festival Gala when we were kids, but when we grew up, we were more and more reluctant to watch it. Because the show was inserted in too many ads, thanks for this, thanks to the people about the spirits have lost light. This directly led to the "Spring Festival Gala" in the crowd of bad reputation, and those ads in the hearts of everyone has become "end effect"". People who really do marketing, marketing is not so utilitarian, so commercial. It’s very easy to arouse the user’s rebellious mood. Just imagine that when you go shopping, people will sell you endlessly. Is it that you have a special feeling that he is malicious?