How to distinguish the authenticity of P traffic

communication how to distinguish the authenticity of IP traffic, just in recent events around you to do a case. Shameless Chinese franchise network claims to have 80 thousand independent IP,

my friend opened two stores, and asked me to do a website, I helped him do the appropriate optimization, a lot of keywords are up.


, someone contacted him and asked him if he wanted to join the promotion. At the beginning I didn’t care, but from my years of optimization work, I think he called this website definitely a liar. Through this case, by the way, and you exchange SEO operation.

website name "China joins a net" specific address is not added. Do not want to give this bragging website to increase Admin5 so high quality of the chain. My friend told me that they told him that their website had 100 thousand independent IP every day. 500 thousand independent pv. Standing friends for many years, this number should be that we all feel excited about the number of it, I do the station, the most can do this level.

originally thought this flow, close my friend 10 thousand, even if. It is also a comfort to the station. I examined it carefully. First of all, the lowest level method: Baidu site.


no, big brother. This collection tells me there are 100 thousand independent IP? Is Google crazy?. Bring him so much traffic. I’m site again, goole. God, only included 30 thousand. I began to think may be lucky for some keywords like "feather", "beauty" is they caught? (this is indeed his sarcasm under) check all pages of their collection of keywords, and the heat of the Baidu also just as Baidu charges the background query the China join give me all the data net friend ranking. According to calculations, Baidu every day should really be brought to this site 5000~8000 ip.

the difference between this data and the 100 thousand independent IP is astronomical. The joke went up. I thought it was not the boss who had the money to settle hao123 and 265. Home page recommendation, want to start before the decline of the u88, 78 like that? It seems there is No.

ended up with my years of SEO experience. This so-called China joined is another big flicker. Directly tell my friend, that is, advertising industry, do not vote for such "Huyou" website, network advertising must be effective. But exaggeration and fudge will not work. Is really a flicker down, and another flicker grew up.

wrote this article, not because this junk China franchise has fooled my friends. This is the main garbage nets, let us do SEO optimization, no rice bowl. Therefore, all the friends in this field should recognize the fact that there is no possibility of that