Stationmaster observes the environment of Chinese individual stationmaster 2010

if the 2009 Master is bittersweet, then 2010 webmaster fate can be said to be dead or alive. From the beginning of 2009 December, CNNIC closed around the domain name registration, check the server power off the network, and then to the non interactive content of the site must be specially prepared and so on, so that in 2010 the fate of individual stationmaster, is indeed very worrying.

1, CNNIC shut down CN domain name registration (now has policy re opening), CN domain name can not get a large area of universal


of this policy on individual stationmaster, also not a very serious blow, after all the individual stationmaster, basically all know CN is just a legend, usually have COM domain name, so CNNIC to close the CN domain name, is only affected a few stationmaster, although this line for personal webmaster blow a little, but not fatal.

In addition, the author found some

, Chinese do a lot of phishing sites, and some garbage station site, there is indeed a lot of CN domain, CN domain name to do that with pornographic websites, I actually don’t know this view. At least I haven’t met yet. Therefore, CNNIC inadvertently decision, or inadvertently inserted Liu sort of Chinese Internet garbage, so this is regarded as a great contribution to CNNIC.

2, the virtual host of the ebb and telecommunications, takeover, server hosting costs nearly doubled, and a server allows only 5 domain names approach.

this is still not confirmed news, can only be said to be a path to pass, a few days ago in the Webmaster Station to see that Dongguan prepared to apply this plan, obviously, it is difficult to imagine. Many webmasters are basically using the virtual host, the site should be the initial flow of traffic is not high, the virtual host is the best choice.

At the same time, a

server allows only 5 domain names, this point is extremely demanding, many webmaster are multiple domain binding to a site, if a server can only put 5 domain names, flat-share method can solve the cost problem of personal webmaster. I wonder if the management of these policies has actually investigated. Even if I want to control the domain name bound by each server, I think it should be between 10-15. This figure is more reasonable.

3, close all interactive content of the site, or have a special record

this is definitely a strangled personal webmaster deadly treaty. For the special record must have two, the first is the registered capital of 1 million, the second is the enterprise, I checked online release on around the administration, all clear tips do not accept personal forum class record of special request, and it is said that the special approval process in the filing period is 3 months, that is to say, wait special record down, lily is cold. In addition, personal webmaster, where can we find 1 million money? "