Baidu space experience website promotion development do not worry

I think the webmaster every day sad are caused by the promotion, do not know how to improve your site visits, don’t worry, to believe in the car to Piedmont Road, today I will share my knowledge and understanding of the Baidu space, look at how to promote your website with Baidu space.

Baidu space and unlike Sina set up a Baidu blog that will be included in a collection of Baidu space, but also has the skill, when the space is completed, Baidu will give a survey period, no specific provisions of this period, you may put out the contents of Baidu space to nearly a month before. It may take longer, this depends on individual effort, we must have patience and perseverance.


do not know, often use Baidu space friends, have found that the proportion of Baidu space is high. When you Baidu, you will see the same text, Baidu space will always be at the forefront, whether you reproduced or copied. Just imagine, if we in their Baidu space articles plus hyperlinks on the site, you can attract users, the effect will definitely be very good.

if the desired effect you can also use the chain, if your Baidu space are always updated and included normal, you published an article, basically will be included in a Baidu, it is worth noting that Baidu is generally included in the second day, rarely on the first day will be included, cut you don’t hurry.

Baidu space account and Baidu have a related, and the two are similar, Baidu space accounts with Baidu can have a universal, direct opening of a shop. For everyone to wake up, if you later in use to get a shop when, it is better to apply for a good account name as soon as possible for future reserve.

How can

support hyperlinks?. I think most people want to know, according to my observation, at present, in addition to Baidu space, other blogs in the soft Wen, with hyperlinks Baidu will not accept. If Baidu space content with hyperlinks, Baidu will still adopt. This is probably the reason for a mother’s compatriots.

questions about RSS subscriptions. We can add a RSS subscription to the traffic stable Baidu space. To set up the RSS URL in advance, there is a RSS subscription column at the top of the space. When the site has updated content, the space RRS subscription will be updated accordingly. But I found that if the content of the net text is pure, the RSS subscription does not seem to be updated. This website is very good, because when users open space, can directly see the main position where the show is my website in the network, you can click the network through my direct access to the site, to achieve the same effect is not


space will have access statistics, we can use to analyze the origin of these users. You can find them