What are the advantages of the current SEO optimization service

what’s the advantage of the current SEO optimization service?. A few years ago, and a lot of people because they are SEO very proud, because you can earn some money. The earliest network company is selling the domain name and space station, as the main income, domain name and space annual renewals, most of the money was taken to the space service providers. Construction cost, built there, website maintenance fee are at most one hundred or two hundred yuan. Since the SEO optimization service, the network company revenue has a new growth point, to the network company brought hope, and optimization of the cost is set up several times. So, soon, the optimization has become the mainstream business of SEO, but also characteristic business. However, with the constant updating of Baidu algorithm, the SEO optimization service itself is defective and unstable. Today, many SEOer can be said to have been laid off, leaving the original industry. SEO optimization service industry is very difficult to do now, in fact, Hefei Jinma network company has also thought before this, do or not to do it, really hesitant.

itself is engaged in the work of the network, for SEO optimization has a certain understanding, want to engage in other industries, must start from scratch. But with the Hefei area network, personal studio and personal orders, can be said to innumerable. In the face of such competition should go? And now the whole SEO industry has been very well done, everyone in the transition, I still need to enter this industry? Do not force yourself to no way to know leave? SEO itself is not stable, the algorithm constantly updated, changing Baidu search, really let me feel very tired. But we can’t keep thinking about these difficulties. We need to live and survive. We can never start any work with that, so we finally decided to enter the industry. The face of the meal can be said to eat the rest of the people, and what are the advantages? I think the following points are very critical and important.

one, good service for every customer, seriously treat every customer

what customers need now, they need good service, so this is the first thing we should do well. The customer satisfaction of composite website, another time must work, because customers do not love their own website to do a month time yet to find. Time is really money for customers. It’s very important to be a client’s website and to take up more of your customers’ time.

two, affordable, cost-effective, quality assurance, good service,

customers most afraid of today did the site, the money collected, the day after tomorrow ran. There is the site done, and later he did not care about the maintenance, these are the company does not keep up the credibility of things done. So this service we should do well, and at the same time the price should do appropriate, appropriate is this website value so much money. Not how much money you want to earn on the offer, nor is the customer compared with other sites, how much is more than the price!