By the way money is the end

37 home ( at the time of opening, write down the text, now posted up, communicate with friends.

all companies need profits, just as everyone needs health. But a little follow for all people is that health is not the purpose of life; also, the profit is not the purpose of the company should be all, at least not great companies, 37 home should do everything possible to expand the market, scale and brand, unity and more like-minded people, but should always adhere to the resistance of sports is the first priority to earn money, and the glory and the status of the industry and so on all the back row.

From the

model and product, 37 is just another participant Chinese the electronic commerce website, regardless of website construction, product promotion, customer service channel is to learn and use, not what special.

in the current electronic commerce home to 37 raging like a storm, do good, as long as the simple, repetitive work do better every day, and every day to open some creative ideas, solve new problems, not necessarily how difficult it is.


37 home to do to become a great rise above the common herd, (not necessarily size) of the e-commerce company, to establish their own soul, then use the practical action to interpret what they represent. If the 37 House colleagues insisted: "money is true to the core by the way, is the concept of resistance sports aim", is undertaking is not a thing. 37 home should use a very low price are vast world especially those "blood problems" friends share sports — Wenshan 37 treasures of resistance.