Adsense meeting participants feeling mobile nternet is continuity or subversion

rarely gets up early on Saturday, and arrives at the Beijing International Conference Center at 7. 2013 China Internet entrepreneur conference, is Kang Sheng (Discuz) by Tencent acquisition) Eighth Annual Adsense annual meeting.


2013 China Internet entrepreneur conference theme Logo

first wants to say such an annual meeting, really do not expect to have any dry sharing. Know the next circle of friends, say hello, mix a face cooked, buddies drink a little wine, communication and communication product ideas, perhaps together can do something more practical.


conference was presided over by Zhang Xiang, vice president of DZ, and Gauin and two buddies attended the morning session only.

Tencent Tang Daosheng keynote speech QQ Internet open platform and comprehensive embrace of mobile internet. Mentioned that the mobile Internet is not the continuation of the PC Internet, but subversion.

Lei Jun fellow is the first time to see. There’s no new idea today, the same millet story as the last flood peak.

DCCI Hu Yanping talking about mobile Internet open ecological trends report, referring to entrepreneurs, 60% intends to do site, 60% do mobile app, a small number of do web app. Also mentioned that the mobile Internet is the subversion of the traditional Internet, rather than continuing.

Lei Feng network founder Lin Jun, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, Jinshan CEO Fu Sheng, respectively, to illustrate the strength of the mobile Internet, together behind the mobile Internet is how subversive and change.

several mobile Internet over the subversion of the traditional Internet view, I do not recognize. At this point, the venue was quiet. The man next to him is also saying that the idea is too fudge.

DZ founder Dai Zhikang took the microphone, serious expression does not agree with the mobile Internet to subvert the traditional internet. His views are as follows:

at home or office desk, in the living room with a flat, holding a notebook on the toilet, think it is too big, and now have a mobile phone. Using different scenarios, the computer is getting smaller and smaller, as small as the smart phone now. You can take it with you now. Isn’t it a small computer?

iPhone’s phone reception, sensors, gravity sensing and other features are very convenient, added to the mobile phone. Smart phones are small computers that add these inductive features, and according to these characteristics, you have the same entrepreneurial opportunities. PC era, HP made a smart phone, but the configuration is too low to run well. Early, there are small computer thinking, so now the mobile Internet is not the subversion of the traditional Internet, but continuity.

note: look at Dai Zhikang’s point of view logic. He is a typical surface cognitive model,

at this point, the venue applause, easy to understand, not floating, not virtual, but dry. Dai Zhikang is the representative of grassroots entrepreneurs, or so sincere speech. Now >