He spent 5 million commercials in his circle of friends and brought 1500 orders

Hotel brother just got the B round of $20 million financing, immediately took out 5 million threw friends circle advertising.

A few days ago

and I just wrote a laugh now is the best time to venue investment products, often because of strong demand of various Internet Co to open the conference, the results yesterday afternoon participated in the main transparent no commission does not increase the venue rental and price search hotel brother conference.

venue rental search parity this mode there is no problem, even deep in my heart, you can fill in the rental date number of specific needs in "Brother Hotel" website, search terms (price provided by the hotel price adjustment), this time launched a dynamic inventory of small connected with a small venue rental demand, launch Alipay security model, change the venue rental need to pay 80% deposit 30% deposit (only for VIP old users), there are rental demand satisfaction after the call end, not satisfied with the platform side to coordinate. According to the data of each party platform is the first link of market, profit is mainly Hotel and DMC advertising fees and management fees, as well as the customer’s SAAS system cost, profit model is very clear, the team is also very hard, even I have heard moved, but then I heard the founder and CEO said, let my heart thump stem live, a start to receive delivery of the commission are still hesitant, because Internet thinking about free money, always feel is not too good.


I did not conclude that this is right or wrong, many Internet Co is through free to users of a single large circle, then think of a way to push cash or value-added services, so to make money and profit in the moment has become a sin, because it’s in the shouting you tell investors to settle in the money without considering the occupation of the whole market.

After the

into a lot of money to do not know how to spend, advertising, which your investment which is a few years ago, subway advertising only those international big domestic nouveau riche winery, now uniform are Internet Co. Buying an office building and investing in real estate is better than holding it in your hand. Think of a few months ago, ask a friend how a well-known website to cast subway ads, see how many copies of the transformation can be done, my friend replied, oh, you can refer to the Department under the Secretary, began to vote on the subway, indicating financing. Me: oh…

so there is the beginning of this dissertation, the hotel brother just melt end money, will cast a circle of friends five million ad, click on ads can receive 2016 yuan venue rental coupons, according to the hotel’s brother said, bring 1500 orders, and how many transactions? According to a hotel partner data. The normal order transaction may be only 20%. The venue rental industry may be better, because the hotel is the venue rental brother do B To products, the general customer price is relatively high, tens of thousands are normal, but other startups may only use in the circle brush a face to explain. Think of low >