Mixer ten brands list

under the power of science and technology, coupled with the pursuit of a variety of nutrition and fresh and delicious, so the birth of a variety of intelligent machine products, which is a representative of the mixer. The so-called food mixer can achieve a variety of mixing of fruits and vegetables, small machine and squeeze fresh juice and vegetable juice. Its working principle is to rely on the bottom of the mixing cup blade rotating at high speed, under the action of the water repeatedly broken food. The following small series to introduce you to the mixer ten brands list.

mixer ten brands list, NO.1 PHILIPS (PHILPS in 1891 in Holland, the world-renowned multinational electronics brand, focus on quality of life and health care / Lighting in the field of large electronics company, Holland PHILPS company)

mixer ten brands list, NO.2 beauty Midea (started in 1981, a world-class white household appliance manufacturers and brands, large-scale comprehensive enterprise group, listed companies, Chinese 500, Midea Group Limited by Share Ltd)

mixer ten brands list NO.3, Joyoung Joyoung (started in 1994, the founder of the soybean milk machine industry, the small household electrical appliance industry, the top ten brands, health kitchen electrical industry leader, Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd)

mixer ten brands list, NO.4 Panasonic (Japan Matsushita in 1918, the world famous consumer electronics brand, the early name for " National" 2008, changed to " Panasonic", the world famous comprehensive electronic technology group)

mixer ten brands list NO.5, SUPOR SUPOR (founded in 1994, Zhejiang province famous trademark, domestic cooking / kitchen appliances industry leader, large-scale cooker manufacturers, SUPOR Zhejiang Limited by Share Ltd)

mixer ten brand rankings, Braun NO.6 BRAUN (founded in Germany in 1921, the group of large multinational companies, Procter & Gamble P& G company’s brand, won several international awards, authorized Italy Delong Electric Appliance Co. Ltd)

mixer ten brands list NO.7, ACA North America (Derun’s Gouda, earlier launched rotary toaster, global baking appliance industry well-known brands, to enter the market to China, pressure cooker and electromagnetic oven of North American Electric Company)

mixer ten brands list NO.8, Del Deer (Guangdong province famous brand, Guangdong province famous brand, high-tech enterprise, industry famous material >