Off season is not relaxed success is that you do a little more than others

will enter the Spring Festival, we will look to the new year and energy transfer of this event, on the Internet attention fell into the so-called "off-season", many websites, especially talent site traffic, have greatly decreased the performance of talent network industry is particularly serious. Through the analysis of Chinese agricultural talent network for Baidu index query and data on the website, since the discovery in 2011 of January, the number of daily visits has been less than 1/3 at the end of last year, and every day declined. As a webmaster, every day looking at the decline of visitors, heart can not say a bit worried, but also know that there are objective factors, so it does not take more action, but as the site entered the off-season, is not working then can stop? Of course not, there is a saying in FMCG industry: as the season to season. This is not an empty talk. The off-season gives us more advantages:

competitors relaxed their vigilance;

has more time on its own;

can do some revision work when the user is less.

therefore, the off-season the FMCG industry has been placed in the mouth of the words, our industry talent network can be borrowed, so how to strengthen the work in the off-season, lay a good foundation for the coming year? We should do some work as follows:

1: to enhance publicity and enhance customer loyalty

talent network may in the season when it sends a message to attract customers and a large number of job seekers in the Lunar New Year holiday and stop the recruitment job because the site work, many websites are suspended send mail behavior, in fact we should also strengthen the sending mail at this time, just when the user at the time of the Spring Festival New Year greeting cards to receive your website, is not a deeper impression on the website of the


2: can operate at ordinary times inconvenient work,

many sites because the appearance and function of the need, in the process of operation to be revised, but because the season many people, the use of large amount of reason is not convenient operation, fear of affecting the customer experience, has now entered the off-season, to the site of the very few people, is not to take this time for a change a series of tedious and time-consuming, the sensitivity of these work? Can minimize the impact, but also in case of problems when good save.

3: seize the opponent neutral strong

we are busy celebrating the new year, may your competitors are also busy celebrating the new year, I believe the enemy at this time mind is the most relaxed, you can strengthen their work through this time, do not relax in website optimization and user experience, may have the opportunity to go beyond the on hand? I believe every minute have to pay a harvest, the key is that you don’t do a little more.

is very smart as a webmaster