Personal webmaster successful operation of talent network should pay attention to details

more and more personal Adsense aimed at the talent network, this fast cake, big talent network for many small and medium-sized cities powerless, this just gave us an opportunity. The successful operation of the local talent network is of great benefit to our development. Why do you say that,


first of all, small and medium cities talent network keyword competitiveness is limited, with individual webmaster resources and ability, you can complete the keyword before five.

second, a well-known local website, for the preparation of the local development of the webmaster is to improve the guarantee value, whether it is going to apply for enterprises or run SEO orders, local talent net is a very convincing case.

again, we can unite people. As an enthusiastic webmaster, will actively use the website for members to answer doubts, when it is convenient also to publish recruitment information, do not think this is a small matter, perhaps you will have unexpected harvest! I was keenly aware of, my girlfriend now is because I am eager for she knew the

to solve the problem!

finally, the success of the local talent network will allow you to have a wealth of customer resources that will allow you to have first-hand customer data while operating other local websites or conducting related businesses.

well, I will say the local talent net operating experience at. There are a lot of articles on the Internet, in the macro view of the operation of the talent network, I do not say here, just a little detail.

one, the choice of procedures – simple and practical, remove the flashy features.

online talent network program variety, the function is more rich and colorful, such as video recruitment, personnel evaluation, training services, education services and so on, a powerful system can reflect the strength of the site, but these functions are not flashy without substance for our individual owners to use cumbersome registration and release so many visitors in our country after all away, the netizen level is not high, we need to stand on the regular visitors perspective to enhance the customer experience. A few simple steps in the registration can release information, abandon the tedious steps, is an effective way to increase the amount of information released.

two, the initial information audit model – free based, attract registered

initial operation, we in order to increase the amount of information, the information review should not be too strict, the strict here is not to grasp the authenticity of the information, but refers to the members of the information released when the background of the audit. My idea is that the enterprise recruitment information needs to be reviewed, resume can not be audited, issued directly. Because there are a lot of recruitment information is false, and some is false recruitment to the chain and the release of this information will have many negative effects on our website, the enterprise after the release of information, the front desk can display the profile data, which can reduce the loss of corporate members, because they release information at the front desk to see your information will be very disappointed, and then give up, and examine their recruitment information after the release, which avoids false recruitment, do not play "