My idea of doing site navigation

throughout the vastness of the Internet, web site navigation list of all kinds of innumerable, the site is everywhere, although the site too much, but it still has its value of existence, because too many Chinese, Chen Xin thanked the generation speed, will be the emergence of a large number of network new year, providing a convenient and the reasons for the existence of Web site is the Internet just novice and not bother to remember the URL of the people, but the industry’s excessive expansion to Pang web site development prospect is not optimistic.

several suggestions for web site development:

1, clear positioning, clear classification, avoid its industry edge, attack its industry weakness.

according to the survey, at present only a few online mobile phone web site navigation site, but do not good search in Baidu mobile phone navigation, mobile phone website keywords, the first page and the second page web site, I see, not what design features, too, look at what keywords, alas, more don’t say, this gap in the market and competition.

so I suggest that the XXX navigation station be located at a professional mobile navigation website. With the advent of 3G networks, the accelerated pace of life, can play the mobile phone entertainment products is becoming an important part of people’s entertainment life, and the type of mobile phone related websites will also speed growth, all kinds of Nothing needed is lacking. And this time, most of the network name requires a clear classification, fast site navigation station for its convenience, so that its entertainment life fast worry free.

2, separate from the main website, develop independently

in order to make the site better development, I suggest that the navigation station and the main site spin off independent development, so that the site is only a company as a separate operation of the project. Individual development will not be restricted to all aspects of the site will be more conducive to the rapid development and promotion of the site. And if the site is successful, it will be a large number of mobile phone users, indirectly can increase traffic and improve sales orders for the main site.

3, URL station requires competitive features,

, a new web site, must be very difficult to develop if it has the same design and function as thousands of URLs on the web. Procedures can move others, but the home page must be original, need their own characteristics, in function must have more than their characteristics, only have more competitive power.

most web sites only have web site names and URLs, but nothing else. Well, can we make a brief introduction to each website, which is more useful for finding the website that we need.


web site put Baidu ah, GG search box, and do not have their own website search engine, then we can make a website search engine, if users want to search the NOKIA mobile phone website, station search can search by keywords to the relevant website website profile.