The webmaster should be ready to make profits and make profits at all times


A friend of

told me that the guardian blog has recently dropped its rights. There are many reasons why bloggers have been demoted, and they have analyzed some of them. But that’s not the point. What’s important is that my blog doesn’t depend on Baidu’s search engine. This is not the point, many friends asked me what I rely on earnings, for this problem, I believe that through the following articles, we all have an understanding of the webmaster friends may be some inspiration.

how to profit for the owners, owners do what money webmaster how to achieve profitability? Believe this problem we encounter every day, but really can say a few, like the webmaster should do what website, we believe that there are many answers to this problem. Guardian of the answer is only one: what websites can make money, is to do web site people only.

1: Webmaster Station should be ready for profit.

if it was before, I believe many webmaster friends to do web site is very simple, because there is an interest, a hobby. Just build a platform, we exchange together, more just public welfare oriented, after all, really want to profit less. Wait for the website to develop, flow is big. Naturally, everyone is on the road to profitability. Because the establishment of the site is relatively small, competition is not so intense, so it is relatively simple to start a website. And did not consider too much, everyone is basically a temporary impulse. And now the Internet situation is not the same, we are holding interest and other factors, has been unable to adapt to the environment, because the competition is too fierce, profitability is the ultimate goal. Therefore, for webmaster friends, the establishment of the site must always be ready for profit, profitable thinking, we will think about how profitable, will find ways to do a good job in the project.

two: any website must always make a profit.

Why is the

website closed? A big factor is the inability to make a profit. Why not profit, because we are not always ready to profit, and naturally not actively looking for profit, everyone is waiting. Equal users, equal traffic. Some owners also think of profit, for profit, but still can not profit, what is the reason? Because these webmaster friends want to ask for the moon, do not want to earn money not to earn money. Remember to protect the original, when doing soft marketing, five, ten dollars have earned, and now fifty, one hundred, hundreds of is also very normal. Most webmasters don’t want to make small profits, and naturally they can’t make a lot of money. It’s important to be profitable at the moment, and most friends don’t pay attention to that. And profit is also a wide range of direct profits, the development of a large number of users, and accumulated sufficient resources, which are profitable performance.

three: trading is the core of website profitability.

How does

realize profit? Many stationmaster friends want to know very much. The reason is simple: trading. No matter what the site is, there are only three ways to make a profit: sell your services, businesses and users, and users and users