Soft text advantages and soft Wen release address

network promotion, it is changing, many tricks, no matter what, as long as the network can achieve the effect of the promotion, then, is a good method, but the promotion methods throughout, personally feel that the most effective and useful for the promotion of soft paper, there is a saying, not a webmaster can’t write soft Wen good webmaster, thus the important.

why do soft Wen promotion so important? It comes to search engine to a principle: website domain name website weight voting principle, a domain name, the chain number, then she won in the search engine rankings more


and a successful soft Wen can be obtained directly through the ranks, and because of the wonderful place, can have a lot of references and reproduced, indirect can get more external links! A successful soft can be sustained and stable to get more external links, outside chain and growth degree of stability is also widely two elements affect the search engine ranking


summary, the function of the soft is can get more external links and the chain of the greater degree and the chain of more stable growth, the impact of these three points can greatly to the powerful search engine rankings, this is the soft. Well, since soft Wen so strong, so we wrote the soft text should be published to what place? The following is I sort out the soft text for publication address, hope to all can help:

a person blog, such as Baidu space, Sina blog, NetEase blog, etc., you know, blog group building what does it mean?.

two, Baidu stick, of course, not what stick it can release soft Wen, the best such as webmaster stick, SEO stick it, Adsense promotion,


three, some sites dedicated to webmaster friends, soft text learning release site, this I do focus on:

1 DoNews real name writing community

advantages: home community as Baidu, GOOGLE news source in search engine has a high weight, many colleagues of the site’s IT channel will actively reprint HOME articles, such as it. Hexun. Com bailout basically automatic collection and reprint, but only in the title of the article before adding an author name.

disadvantages: high weight and obvious effect, of course, the audit is very strict.

2 AI net

advantages: iResearch network is also because Baidu news source, making the search weight is very good, in the early establishment of the audit is not very strict, once SEOER’s treasure, the article allows to add text chain.

disadvantages: the current review of the article gradually

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