The nternet has made my dream of starting a business

this is an entrepreneurial season, this is a pioneering age, this is a promising age, this is a hard time. In this beautiful day, what have you done? What have you got? What do you see? Every day I ask myself what I got what? All the time, I would like to open a shop, can suffer from the problem of capital, the light has the idea I have been standing still, one day, I to see such a set of data on the Internet: the total size of 2006 Chinese Internet users personal Internet consumer market of about 276 billion 746 million yuan, 187 billion 653 million yuan year-on-year increase of 47% compared to 2005. Including online, shopping, playing games and other online spending, including the per capita monthly Internet consumption level of 169.57 yuan / month, compared with 157.8 yuan in 2005, an increase of 7.46%. So I decided to start pitching with the Internet, start my shop trip, shop online, and I planned it step by step.

, here is some of my personal experience of opening a shop:

online store management advice

1. try to run goods that are characteristic (if you sell clothes, you sell pants). Online shopping depends on the market demand and resources, conditions and hobbies, including specific circumstances.

2. decorates the facade". After online stores are built, the most important question is how to get more customers to browse and buy. Online stores are not an independent web site, and the entire e-commerce platform may rank thousands of stores. It is not easy to stand out from a large number of online stores, and "first impressions" often determine whether consumers will visit their own stores. "Packaging" is essential, including a good name, and the timely refresh and organization of online shop display of goods. This requires shopkeepers to spend more time on naming their own shop, making pages and maintaining them at ordinary times.

3. is always adding new supplies, so that some people will not feel bored.

4. to seize every opportunity to publicize his shop, as much as possible to speak in other forums, multiple articles, let others have the impression of you (signature must not forget); to open shop to tell you know all the friends, through the reputation of the force to a certain amount of publicity; time, have some feeling, can write a story, put on the platform recommended home page popularity and will increase many.

5. shop open for a while, you can privately contact with others, exchange links. Through the exchange of links, you can form a small network, can enhance each other’s influence.

6. open shop on the Internet, should ensure sufficient online time, timely answer buyers questions about your products.

7., the most important thing is good faith, whether it is shopping or selling things.

8. is more than theory