The site was solved by K

believe that we have experienced by the K website, our website a few days ago, global used mechanical and electrical were also Baidu to K, the reason is because I have to modify the site title, keyword and description and can also be changed, because I want to improve our website in the baidu keyword ranking so I made two key words, one is the "second-hand electrical", one is "the value of second-hand equipment," said that the "second-hand second-hand electrical key global electromechanical", is the first and third in Baidu and Google, but the second-hand equipment in the 120 place, so I changed the title and description, so is K, but now, recovery, and increase the weight to the first. The keyword "second-hand equipment" in Baidu also ranked up to 20, yesterday, today is 17, compared to the portal to do keyword ah, but also to the corresponding optimization, so we are K and don’t be afraid, let me come and share experience!

personally, I think the main solution to the K solution is as follows:

1, keyword density problem

some novice webmaster, his ranking does not go on, doom the accumulation of keywords, title in the put into it, this is a taboo, unless you want to do is dumpster, K, another one. Some time ago, there are a bit of deep SEOER analysis, Baidu is able to catch keyword accumulation of the site, and if your website content quality is not very good, so do, will certainly be classified as optimization cheating.

plan: rational planning of keywords, key examination of title is excessive, delete a few important, and then through the or other Webmaster Tools query page keyword density, generally around 2%.

2, friendship outside the chain was K

, this is the new webmaster’s favorite. Crazy and other site links, but a lot of that station may not know which day it was included in the blacklist, perhaps some imperceptibly the chain is K, which will affect your site, will drop right, or blocked. Global second-hand mechanical and electrical links have also been K, so pay attention to those who are K station and long time no update, no one took the station.

program: often detect their own chain, is not punished by Baidu, and some immediately cancel the partnership, so when you do link, you must pay attention to the quality of the link site.

3, violation of bad information

what specific information belongs to violation of bad information, to be honest, we do not know, this Baidu said nothing, but the most basic of some sensitive words do not appear the best.

4, same host IP website question

if you and IP under the web site was K, this can not help but recognize bad luck