Webmaster in network promotion need to pay attention to several details

you are still on the road of entrepreneurship struggling webmaster, I am leaf van sickle, today we talk about the Internet, the way we struggle will face a great challenge and impetuous

no matter what you do, we all know to be prudent, do the Internet is even more so. We are constantly reminding ourselves that we must not be impetuous and can not be disturbed by some outside things. But who can really do things without impulsive


as the saying goes, "those who learn from others are geniuses." success is a process of learning, learning from other people’s strengths, and making up for one’s weaknesses. In the process, you will inevitably encounter setbacks, temptations, etc., hinder your success. When these things, we must be prudent:

webmaster should have their own web site planning, must not blindly follow the trend of

had a station, to begin planning for his stand is very good, what type of website, how publicity, to reach the heights last stand, how to achieve highly do further planning. But when I was planning a good future, when ready to do, find a certain site to do good, very interesting, very personalized, and then immediately change, after two days and found a website, people with the program is good, then immediately put their own procedures to delete, change the same with him so, my first website was such a revision, change procedures, and then change the revision procedure, finally get my site recognition, although Baidu included, neither fish nor fowl, but has only the home page.

so I advise you not to, to have a long-term plan for their own station, not blind to follow suit, today I want to do group purchase, tomorrow I want to do the mall, in exchange for the results to make their stand without a clear theme, Baidu will not love you stand.

in the network promotion must have its own way,

promotion should be based on their own energy, financial resources, in their own way to promote, do not look at others, others success, although he has reason, that is, after all, belongs to others, not yours. Some Adsense said I stand by what what promotion did Baidu first, and then it will have a lot of people to follow his way, the plan regardless of the good way, although the results will have good rankings, but the effect of the results, not be Baidu K, is down right now.


everyone’s website is different, so we have to do the promotion certainly is not the same, can’t take another way to promote the mining without reservation over his station, but he do promotion is not necessarily suitable for you, you can learn from, to learn from his experience in the promotion.

don’t believe the ads for so-called cyber savvy

network master many, but in the network, not personally see, how can I tell whether you are a liar, with a few words, I guarantee you earn, >