Tell you how an editor works on a website

here, do not talk about what WEB2.0, and do not talk about what DIV+CSS, and do not talk about what profit model, here alone on the basic some of the communication with you. I have engaged in the website editor in less than a year, for "make their own learning, to see through the essence, grasp the essence, at the time of this writing, confidence is insufficient, but my death, write not good place, welcome to the website (pages) to make high hand and senior criticism.

site analysis and location

Before you do

, you have to do site planning first. A good website should have a good location. This includes functional positioning, value orientation, business positioning and so on. If we take into account the user (user) analysis, including the viewer’s age, education, and income level, distribution, user habits, browser version, network access mode (Telecom, Netcom, Tie Tong etc.) that went to the sea. If you want to go preliminary user research, market analysis, and so on when you make your website, the day lily is cold, the market and opportunities are changing rapidly, time and tide wait for no man. But the good is probably the predecessors have pointed out the direction for us, we will get to the.

, armchair

For example, we have to do

Jinshan campus recruitment project (page), I will first find had special habits, then the direction for the whole of the site has a grasp, then I will look for the IT of other companies in the industry such as Microsoft, Lenovo and other companies, Tencent do reference topics, but also extend the their own ideas. After that, I’ll look for the demand side — human resources, with their detailed requirements. For example: in our special site must reflect what, how to reflect, our website how to do, rich in youth, vitality, etc.

to understand each other’s needs, I will first use VISIO chart drawing of a website, a web page and the inside pages of the detailed layout diagram, fine LOGO how to display, each function module of the proportion of the size, is the use of flash animation or the use of static pictures, is to use Microsoft YaHei or italics. How much is the size, is to use the navigation function button or elliptic or rectangular, which need navigation links, how to arrange these navigation will be more in line with the user’s habits, the width of the page (the user’s computer is divided into general screen and Widescreen) etc.. These I have one by one into account and reflected in the frame diagram.

After the

is submitted to the editor in chief of audit and sign page design task (if the framework failed to re melted, and then again to design) design design department manager signature, and then distributed to the person in charge of specific, then I have to talk to this website designer framework my intention, idea and delivery of good designs. The date of the draft. General designers will first submit the first draft of the home page to the editor, and then edit it to the demand side for revision. The process is complicated because the demand side, the editor, and the designer do not have the same ideas