Talking about the law of high conversion rate of websites visitors who are good at scanning

continues to analyze the user’s general needs today. The main point of this article is:

users have a common demand: that is, it’s easier for me to scan, not to read,


as a rule, go ahead with the outline.

this paper introduces the first part: the ungrateful visitors

1, look at the web page like a newspaper

maybe you’re planning to redesign your website page and really take into account user requirements.

for the convenience of users, you may as the user concerns are piling up on the page, and his imagined users will seriously appreciate every corner of your site. For example, below left, you could be the site as works of art in


, however, the real situation is that users often do not appreciate, when they are browsing your website, like reading the newspaper. He would skim through our carefully designed texts and skim through our carefully designed pictures. It’s probably just a simple glance, but clicked on an unexpected link……

why do users do this,


for the following reasons:

A) people are always busy,

most of the time, people use the Internet without patience. Because people do activities on the Internet, they are calculated in seconds. Before finding real answers, people tend not to spend too much time researching a website.

B) there is no need to read all of the content,

after a great deal of experience in the use of the Internet, people have to know the truth: most of the pages are not what we need, we only need to scan through the content of interest we can quickly locate, and then click on it.

C) people scan

very well

in daily life, people have long been accustomed to scanning in newspapers, books, magazines to find the information they need, which for people there is no pressure, but it will be very convenient.

2, you can find the first one,

maybe you’ll think that any user entering your site scans your entire page. In fact, you are wrong again.

in many cases, people do not scan the entire page, but instead select the first reasonable option.

, that is, as long as the user has found the first feeling that seems to give him a link to the answer, he will click and browse which page will not continue to scan. Unless the link does not have the answer he needs, he will go back and continue scanning.

so why do people have this?