Lu Wu notes talking about local gateways

local portal is always a dream for me. Unfortunately, the university is graduating and has not been fulfilled. Once with several friends, but for various reasons, finally failed. There are many reasons for failure, and we have done very badly in every respect. Now let’s talk about some of the recent events and local gateways and some of our own insights. In order to know some friends and I have the same.

went to Hangzhou with a friend last month. There is a sand net. It was from Qian Tang’s newspaper yesterday that they learned about their deeds. They also started from the student period, after two or three years of effort, and finally have the results. I’m excited. I think they are students too. So do we. They can succeed. We can work harder and succeed than they do. So on the way, I was still talking with my friends and asking them some questions. It was a deep feeling when they got to their company and talked to their boss, who was only two years older than we were.

we’re just individuals, not registered companies yet. Maybe just a few people with enthusiasm, doing things, if suddenly encountered some problems, may be someone will shrink. On the road of entrepreneurship, no problem is impossible. And we don’t have any division of labor, nor have we deliberately explored and strengthened our own capabilities. There is no efficiency in doing things.

also, we’re running out to the nearest Hangzhou Xiasha, to ask them, your website is how successful, how to operate. Is it appropriate? Of course not. They are successful, but their experience can only be shared with you. We can learn from it and not copy it completely. Besides, they can not know what problems we will have during the operation. We want to do is as soon as possible to register a company, determine the personnel, clear a good division of labor, began to practice, the local portal only practice, possible problems in the process of practice, but also facilitate solutions for communication and.

, this is some experience I got in Hangzhou some time ago. I wonder if you have any idea what’s wrong with me.

I don’t have any practical experience in portal operations, and some more mixed, theoretical insights. Maybe a bit of an armchair feeling. Here are some of my crazy ideas. Would like to share with you and accept criticism.


local portal is a medium. It provides us with localized weather map, such as number of life information, at the same time, we build up a communication platform, this platform can be individual consumers and business enterprise business platform, can also be a popular entertainment platform. More importantly, on this platform, the resources created by some people are valuable to others, while others inadvertently create resources that are valuable to some people. Simply put, you want to go somewhere to play, but you don’t know what it’s like, so you search the website and go through the comments of some people in this place