Five suggestions for running blog successfully

blog as a carrier of information, can quickly publish articles, timely and effectively communicate with readers, but also set personalized display and integration of rich and colorful, has got more and more attention. Blog as a product of the Internet 2, more and more people began to use, to successfully run the blog, you need to pay a lot of sweat. The following Xiaobian give you five suggestions to help you successfully run the blog.

first, consider your niche in the blog audience segment

although many bloggers tend to write as many blogs as possible with high traffic and high search rankings, it’s not the best way to improve website traffic. If you sell antique books or writing gardening blog website, you may not write some articles mechanically in order to cater to the public. Even if your blog attracts a few viewers, the conversion rate may be bleak because they are not interested in your product. Instead, you should write good blogs about your product and focus on your target audience.

second, analysis of reader behavior

Google offers some really useful webmaster tools that you can use to plan your blog activities and to find new ways to improve your site’s traffic. After all, once blogs have new readers, you want them to come back and visit over and over again.

is one of the most useful tools, reader statistics tools. It can help you analyze the behavior of the reader, such as from which link to your blog, the number of visits to the same visitor, the maximum number of articles, and so on. From these data, you can analyze the reader’s preferences and what kind of promotional methods, the most useful, etc., you can write your blog plans and select ways to guide publicity.

third, maintain a certain update speed

your blog should maintain a certain frequency of updates, so that your blog has sustained attention. With a fixed frequency of updates, your readers will know when your blog will be updated and visit your site at regular times. On the other hand, your readers will choose to give up your blog because you don’t know your update time, and occasionally think of your blog and cause your readers to lose.

you can make an update plan, arrange the update speed, update too often, it may cause your ink to dry up, update too slow will make your readers drain.

fourth, social media site participation,

to increase the click through rate of blogs, the promotion of social media sites is a factor that can not be ignored. For example, if you are using now is the WordPress host, you can add a small program, when you update your blog, micro-blog or other social tools can update news, inform your readers.

in the use of social media promotion, we should pay attention to excessive publicity, so that readers disgust. You just provide an understanding of the customer