50 days site record serial Ninth days website links promotion

Links, each site will have, many of our webmaster friends site after will go Links, to increase PR value, hoping to get a good ranking in the search engine. The website’s friendship link is the website foreign cooperation starting point and the foundation, today will talk about my understanding to the website friendship link.

, first of all, there are several benefits of website links:

1. links can increase pr.

2. links, set up keywords, you can improve the site’s ranking.

3. links are good starting points for deep collaboration between websites.

4. links can increase the communication and feelings between the webmaster.

5. links, if the authority of the site has its own web link, no doubt can increase the trust of users.

secondly, the key to the link is:

1.pr: since Google launched the PageRank PR, you can be the owners believe that the standard of exchange, and all of the owners and generally have such a heart: hope and high PR links, and do not want to link lower than themselves, at least PR and I want to do. Webmaster do you? I was, but now I know I was wrong, a PR2 station are only link than the weight of PR4 derived 100 station transmission high! Now I have generally do not look PR, is mainly to the Baidu search, contact the relevant keyword before 10 to do link.

2. the number of links. Blind number for a lot of friends, do not pay attention to quality, even if it is a site with IP have not let go, this is no good for SEO, remember, the related classes can be considered limited; similar; different types of best not to exchange.

3. links quality. The most important quality, if you have a lot of links by Baidu K, so you are very dangerous, this kind of website is best to be careful, if it is already linked if I do not agree to put people’s moment on the next link, it is best to ask, why is k, know to others the link is not late, or how to embody the "friendship" two word


4. links cheating. How many cheating methods, you can go to check on grass site check their links not being cheated.

5. link factory. The best you do not exchange, really have no meaning, remember and some work site exchange links, there are dozens of one station, the station is IP, then do not understand all people and exchange links, factories, we directly give up


6. links skills. There are many ways to link, generally you want to optimize that keyword, use that keyword to exchange links with others, not necessarily