can accept defeat but can’t accept surrender

has been studying SEO technology for almost 2 months. The main research Baidu, opened a lot of online articles, since the Baidu algorithm update, we have many stations have been K off, very sad, really. There are also many by surprise, which is why, in the Baidu warned all follow the natural original, do not attempt to optimize the original update is king, a website is whether the language must have thousands of pages is the HTML language, this language to love for a spider crawling. Ha ha, now Baidu included very slowly, know why, because there are many websites to collect pseudo original, want to cheat Baidu, this kind of hair is not much. The correct way of the world is the vicissitudes of life. This sentence is quite appropriate here.

do a website to do what time?.

first, have a clear theme, central idea, just like some papers.

second? Baidu updates every day?.

third has something original,

fourth stable good domain name space,

fifth pages should be clear and generous, giving a natural and friendly feeling,

"To change the structure of

sixth due to the spider crawling.

seventh don’t start advertising full advertising.

eighth do not do too much outside connections, do every day to pursue quality.

ninth, persistence is victory, as long as you have information.

tenth style should have its own characteristics, do not go to download, to do their own

last sentence: adhere to the original, update, you will succeed!


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