How to improve your website user’s activity

user activity is always a pain in the heart of the website operation. After all, our website data is not a linear equation, perfectly straight up, but as landing stocks like downs, full of expectations and BOSS in the eyes under the stern gaze, it is the real portrayal of ECG operators.

(for example only in this figure)

this article discusses how to promote and arouse inactive users from two aspects. Welcome to peer advice.

1. How to increase the active user

due to the usual sense of active users and active rate calculation are included in the new registered user login and the mobile terminal starts, so fundamentally speaking, the so-called living is to continually improve and pull the new old user retention rate.

no mention of market pull here. In terms of increasing the number of active users, it is necessary to work from three aspects: product, content and activity.

1, product

increases the conversion rate of the introduced traffic by increasing the stickiness of the user’s products.

products are divided into two categories, one is the enterprise’s own products, rich and attractive products to improve marketing efficiency; the other is the website of the product experience, function and design of page of the website should fully consider the user experience at the same time, a good site is a relatively stable product. In addition, some web site features such as landing, clocking, getting points, membership medals and cumulative credits will increase user stickiness.

2, content

content is the content of the product based on the operation, such as marketing websites will regularly recommend hot goods shelves and special promotions, industry vertical internet station will have corresponding to the presence of the community, each content topic corresponding recommendation and guidance. The website community, as an important content of the output platform, the relationship between users is dependent on the entire community, community content strong propaganda brand reputation, also have the effect of unbelievable fans. The community here can be the official website’s community channel, or other official SNS communities, such as forums, QQ space, and a rather hot WeChat micro-blog new media.

3, activity

although activities have the effect of promoting life, but from the purpose of doing activities, activities are divided into three categories. One is the site pull new activities to promote cooperation through the drainage of brands and channels, increase website traffic and user amount; second is the website marketing activities, mainly to improve order conversion rate of turnover and marketing profit based products, is a new line and a variety of promotional products; the third is the user operational activities, effective SNS marketing helps to play the old ofreputation to bring more new users, micro-blog WeChat common community in these community activities.

of course, a good activity will combine the three categories, >