How do social products operate from the decline of Renren

when we analyze the decline of, many people say that is because Chen Yizhou would not do stock products, some people say everyone is too small secretary hate every day harassment information, is said to have product experience is too poor, somehow somebody else is copying the Facebook. In fact, the real reason is the operation of renren.


Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent at the beginning of the competition, the Tencent micro-blog product experience has been better than Sina micro-blog, why Sina micro-blog finally succeeded, because Sina micro-blog’s operation ability to seize the opportunities, firmly grasp the user. Ma Yun Ding Lei’s contacts, easy to believe, even more is the first launch of the M chat, from the function of experience are less than WeChat, why not? The problem is in operation, the social product function is becoming more and more small, the operation ability is to determine the success or failure of

!How to operate

social products, mainly including the following three dimensions:

1. social relationship chain: what attracts users?

social products, whether connected by an acquaintance or a stranger, are essentially building social relationships. Such as, primary or acquaintance, so is the real name system, will go through the search in the Department name with classmates, fellow students immediately new user registration, students in the community understanding of the students, this is a kind of social relation of line to line extension. There is a stranger social, such as unfamiliar street, it had not his line chain, unfamiliar street offers is a stranger social relationship platform, through interest group activities, and give the user a new friend (PAO) friends of the opportunity, this belongs to the new developing social relationships chain line. Can even turn into the social relationship line.

so when you define a product, you have to think about it, whether it’s an acquaintance or a stranger. Social relationships chain benefit in his group of users is relatively closed circle of the campus, and for the mass of the new social product development of new users, how to establish social relationships chain? The most effective way is to help users have on other platforms of social association, there are three main ways: mobile phone mail list, third party account login, user information to fill. Clap and tenderness are two typical examples, their customer relationship chain is based on the third party platform, such as Sina open platform micro-blog third party login interface, QQ login interface, these platforms have opened up some social relationships, micro-blog account login pops after you can find his friend micro-blog what the user also pops. In social networking, WeChat uses mobile phone directories and QQ social networking two channels to help users build relationships. And in strangers social, unfamiliar street is to guide users to fill in more information, such as geographical location, hobbies, etc., to help new users find social circles.

social products have an important rule: 20% of people are really active users, while 80% of them are onlookers