Art designer LOGO design ideas

      in our site design, LOGO often appear as the company or the site logo, plays a very important role. A well made LOGO, not only can well establish a corporate image, but also can convey rich product information. In the survey we have limit we found that a web page beautiful or not is often the first visit of the user to decide whether to further browse standard, and LOGO as the specific image of the first printed in the visitor’s eyes, the importance of


said, we have to talk about the traditional design of LOGO: the traditional LOGO design, focuses on communication image and information, really attract our eyes, not the LOGO logo, but behind the image information. For example, a fashion magazine, believe that the first thing you notice is the beautiful woman or decent clothing, if you are interested in will go further to understand other related information. LOGO website design, with traditional design has many similarities, but because of the network itself and different browsing habits, it also has many characteristics and different sites. For example LOGO simple general requirements clearly, in a small amount of expression of the image and ground of heart, in addition to some information, but also beautiful and harmonious. Therefore, an excellent traditional design master, not necessarily for a website design; A master of Fine Arts in web design, maybe just a rookie in a traditional design……

actually, when we talk about the design of LOGO, the text was feeble, because in the actual production of the US, many things are difficult to express in words, sometimes is a kind of inspiration, sometimes is a kind of imitation, but most of the time is through the tedious work and repeated attempts to complete in. The actual design of what you have to do without restrictions, no universal truth, but there are also some problems worthy of attention, and this paper will focus on these problems. We analysis the design of LOGO