Four major preparations for nternet advertising

is now more and more customers are very concerned about online advertising, maybe some customers spent a little money but the effect is very good, some customers may spend a lot of money, the result is not good, why is this? By study of more than 1300 companies of advertising, advertising effect is not good from the following three: media selection errors, customer selection errors, login the website does not have the transaction function. Well, to achieve first-class advertising results, what should be done before advertising,


1, location ready,

positioning includes three aspects:

first, do a good job of positioning the network promotion model. What is the orientation of network promotion mode? Income mode, profit model in the network of the enterprise customer groups of gender, age and income level, the main way of sales, enterprises need to make a precise positioning.

two is the precise location business key word.

three is to pinpoint the promotion area.

2, do a good job in network promotion and propaganda planning preparation

The title and description of

advertising is the first focus of publicity. After determining the key words, how to design the advertising headlines for this keyword, how to describe it, is very necessary.

designed a dedicated ad portal for advertising, is the second focus of publicity.


ad login page refers to the web page entered after clicking the advertisement. This page can be the home page of a website or a specific page, but it must not be a blank page, and this page needs to be carefully designed to be able to hold up visitors.

network promotion activities also need to be carefully planned, so that the unique selling point in the shortest possible time, at the fastest speed to occupy the visitors’ thinking.

3, do a good job marketing website construction

, a website with powerful marketing capabilities, can effectively improve the conversion rate of online advertising. We know that the amount of advertising brought about by the probability of access is constant, and if by increasing the marketing power of the site, to increase the conversion rate of visits, profits can naturally double.

4, do online transactions

online transaction is the last stop of the whole network marketing. Customers through advertising click, visit the website to order, eventually need to complete this transaction process. Therefore, all previous acts of the website are for the final collection of this step. The website needs to set up the corresponding cash register system.

cashier of marketing website, just put the money back, but also need to solve many problems: to be equipped with a complete online transaction operation if; let the customer believe the business, I believe that the company’s products; to all kinds of questions encountered by customers. Only when these preparations are ready can the final transaction be reached and the order be obtained. < >