Xie Wen moved to leave professional SNS website prospects

, the funds promised by the investors are not in place, and the original money is taken back again, and Xie explained the reason why he left the Internet with a calm tone on the other side of the phone. In September this year, Xie Wen on the network is still very high hopes, and I believe that in the management of cooperation, coupled with the efforts of employees, the concept of SNS respected by them can be carried out.

however, the voice just fell less than 3 months, Xie again chose to resign. In the background of the financial turmoil, people began to worry about the prospects of professional SNS websites.

Xie Wen moved to leave

"give me 10 million dollars and 3 years, and I promise to be successful."." In September 9th of this year, Xie expressed high hopes for the Internet and believed that the SNS concept he respected could be carried through. However, in less than 3 months, Xie chose to resign.

, while enjoying a huge flow of fun and web sites for SNS, it’s getting harder and harder to convince the management of a business that doesn’t make money but has to spend 3 years on it." December 2nd, an industry source said.

Xie Wen told reporters, in fact, in September this year released rhetoric when he invested with network cooperation. There have been only in the shadow, "any day, you must do it". A network of investors is massive information, mainly for data mining, intelligent retrieval and other services.

Xie Wen still insist on his own theory of Web2.0, called Web2.0 to do success requires five elements: first, to have a good game rules; second, have a good strategy, that is to have innovation; third, to have a good team; fourth, have good resources, is the main funding; fifth. A certain amount of time.

for this reason, he proposed the concept of "3 and 10 million". This touched a lot of information, but also become a prerequisite for their cooperation. According to Xie Wen, the two sides basically hit it off, that through the efforts to create Chinese MySpace, "at the time, these 5 conditions seem to have".

however, in the case of Xie, the situation changed quickly. In terms of personnel, together with the network team originally had about 100 people, but in the rest of the Xie turnover of 80 people, "in fact plus 30 of the new tactics, and in just 8 months 50 people leaving".

Xie Wen believes that the biggest problem is that investors have not fulfilled their commitments, mainly because of capital and equity issues". Xie Wen told reporters, "until I left, I did not legally become a shareholder of the network."."

SNS profit model is not clear,

since March 2003, SNS website from the United States quietly, in just five months, SNS is popular throughout North america. According to statistics, one of the three people working in Silicon Valley uses SNS to expand