Tuiyou network optimization strategy is more awesome than webmaster navigation

At present,

station network launched its website, webmaster Tuiyou network (, its purpose is for personal webmaster needs targeted recommend high-quality website. Not only to help webmasters more convenient search resources, improve efficiency, but also for businesses to provide a more targeted promotion platform. At present, through the use of many webmaster testing, has been widely acclaimed. From the user’s feedback, summed up the Tuiyou network the following four characteristics:

is more targeted than webmaster navigation, user experience is optimized,

so-called website navigation, is a collection of more web site, and in accordance with certain conditions for classification of a web site. Web site navigation is convenient for users to quickly find their own needs of the site, without having to remember all types of Web sites, you can directly access to the required sites. And as for personal webmaster webmaster navigation, industry segment navigation station, according to the stationmaster needs to subdivide the site, and provide all kinds of practical webmaster query tool, the convenience of the station quickly find the information they want and service according to the demand. Although the webmaster navigation website has been accepted by the individual owners, but there are innumerable number of web, but it is difficult to choose the optimal site problem. Under normal circumstances, the webmaster navigation only for the needs of the owners of the site classification, providing a similar index services. Web sites are often more than perfect. If the site audit is weak, plus merchants pay promotion, is likely to allow a large number of services and false information provided by the site full of them, misleading webmaster. The viscosity of station navigation has been dropping to its lowest point.

webmaster Tuiyou network services, somewhat similar to the webmaster navigation but also has characteristics, review sites, by recommending excellent website, can be said to become an independent school, than the webmaster navigation more targeted, get higher than the sublimation of review sites user experience. Many webmaster, use Tuiyou network, can get information and resources, do not have to use search engines and web site navigation. This kind of target is what the website navigation station does not have. The Tuiyou web page is simple and fresh, clear, and can not login comments, one of the main reasons to share as the center of the user experience is also attract webmaster.

with the advantages of A5 platform, strictly screening brand reputation, guaranteed

Tuiyou network as A5 webmaster network’s website, will be relying on the A5 platform for businesses to conduct rigorous screening. Through years of experience and resources accumulated by the service station, A5 can accurately and quickly classify the various requirements of the webmaster and recommend related quality websites. Under the strict screening, reduced the false information and the fraud class website occurrence probability, recommended website brand prestige has been guaranteed. Also, A5 provides a variety of services for the owners if they encounter bad reputation of the site can be timely screening, if the site appears in the list of recommended Tuiyou network, can be promptly removed. Some webmaster said, in the past to seek all kinds of information and services, afraid of being deceived, will always go to the forum post >