Without technology you can also be excellent at my website career

first talk about yourself. Like many students from school, the confusion after graduation was a source of pessimism for me. Schools could learn a lot, but I didn’t learn enough to build a foothold in this society. After several twists and turns, though I have a steady job, my meager income makes me always face the second choices of life. I have no background at home and I don’t have much skill. What should I do,

?When the

in 2007, occasionally a chance to understand this Wangzhuan industry. Although before also heard of this word, but the negative news is in the majority, therefore has not taken seriously seriously, besides opens a shop and so on, has not thought on-line may really make money. Later saw a news paper Wangzhuan this industry, it is really trying to enter this industry. Open the window of my Wangzhuan, find ways to make money in this industry is so broad, profitable project so much! I am starting from the news times, and then click Wangzhuan, etc., because of the need to contact the project began to pull off the assembly line, so I started from the contact Wangzhuan, very clear, do not go alone the results, must have their own website. But I’m a little technical also do not understand, how to do? So seize the time to learn HTML, very simple DW, within a week on the layout of the web page frame, the application domain name, space, 1 months to build the first site of my family to earn, suffer from their extreme lack of technology, can only be used to HTML create and update the website, though, through unremitting insist on their own, make family network operation more than a year, earned the first pot of gold outside of work at the same time, also learned a lot of knowledge has never touched before, of course, also made a lot of friends, about the concrete operation methods, since there is time to share and the majority of my friends.

in the operation of earned income network at the same time, I also learned a lot of Web site knowledge, thank you for your own work, every day in the webmaster network above, learned a lot of knowledge of the website. My site is very clear, is to serve the majority of users, to provide their own things to help more people achieve their goals in life and their own value! Not young, every day should do something meaningful. It was also a chance. I applied for the GG League. I hung it in a forum and received 100 knives. I was very excited. At this point I had the idea of building second websites. In the years of Internet experience, I was very interested in resources, also found that each resource nature of the site or forum has a lot of popularity, so decided to start from the industry, decided to do a forum. 5D6D provides a good platform, can provide free space and domain name, although there are a lot of inconvenience, but for the grass-roots webmaster, is a very good choice, can help you save a lot of cost, really good! So, in a week’s time, the binding of the domain. And run up second of my website resources sharing network, although the site still has just started, but I think as long as the heart operation, insist, I can make it