Six methods of using micro blog to popularize websites

micro-blog has now become a part of young people’s daily life, whether in the street, on the subway, on the table, the classroom, or at home, office and so on, we are not difficult to see that a group of young people with a mobile phone in micro-blog. Obviously, micro-blog is now the most mainstream and popular social product in China, and even in the world. Therefore, the stationmaster is caught such a trend to use micro-blog to do the promotion, do micro-blog promotion if done well, doing wonderful words can bring a big part of the flow and the benefits to our website. So, how should we make our micro-blog bring traffic and benefits to the website? I’ll talk about some of my views,

first: do micro-blog location, select user groups

for micro-blog, what we will attract the user’s attention? This will give us a micro-blog theme, for example: the guide, fashion, delicacy, information, news, information and so on. Before making sure, we need to understand the user’s preferences, and pay attention to what kind of micro-blog users are interested in, and then decided. Because our purpose is to promote the user’s attention is the most fundamental.

second: focus on style, highlighting personality,

in fact, everyone has their own personality, micro-blog is no exception, if you want others to pay attention to you, you should highlight your personality of micro-blog, pay attention to your own style. So we must register after micro-blog not anxious, the number of issued on their own website, our primary task is to improve our personal data, let people know what I what is micro-blog, can give users what kind of experience, published content is to focus on originality, this can highlight your own style, intriguing.

third: innovative content, attracting users attention

it’s not enough for a micro-blog to finish its previous work and, more importantly, later updates. A micro-blog, if the contents come and go, are boring things, users will gradually lose interest in you micro-blog. On the contrary, if your micro-blog every day there are some users interested in creativity, novelty, content updates, then the user for your micro-blog loyalty will also increase, and help you forward micro-blog, so that more people to pay attention to you.

fourth: reasonable insert website advertisement to promote

when we accumulate to certain users, we can promote our website in our daily micro-blog. But it must pay attention to, everything should have a degree, otherwise it will meet, some owners because the number of micro-blog’s attention to their more heavily promote their own websites, thus lost their character of micro-blog, which leads to decreased attention, concern may even cancel.

fifth: do not frequent, micro-blog should choose a period of time

When does

publish micro-blog? What does it appear?