The new station within one hour of Baidu included 100 methods and three day P

if you’re interested in what I say or what you don’t understand. Please add QQ group: 9931497, build it, advanced group, plus group, please indicate: A5. My small station,, has just been on the line, and the site has been defined as a blog. Xiang Yueguang blog learning, ha ha. I’m using the Z-blog blog. Site modifications are pretty easy. HTML language is OK, and the Z blog program is also a well received SEO program. It can generate static pages, which is good for search engines.

spent more than half an hour, blog construction completed, domain name is registered, good, space. I used to be a pretty good space provider, double line host, here I don’t do much introduction, if I feel my site is good speed, plus my friend, I recommend the space to you. Here is a simple optimization, site positioning, the key to do well, such as my station, the program is blog, my work is network security, professional counterparts ah. So, it’s the Hebei blog. (now my blog is ranked fourth in Baidu’s Hebei blog, and GG ranks first. Keyword domain name "kingwq" is the first in any search engine)


program is set up, it is submitted to a search engine, here I recommend to you here, Chinese home owners of the major search engine website login entrance, submitted to our website here. Take advantage of the most convenient promotional tools. QQ, here, I made all the QQ space promotion website page, is also very simple, direct use of QQ module is good, QQ personality signature above also put on site advertising.

I also carried on the promotion in some big blog stations, for example Baidu space, here has a benefit, may use own domain name for registration name, ha ha, I use my domain name to make the account number. Fill in blog content, here I tell you, website date, we can cheat. When we publish articles, we can modify the time of the article release so that our website looks more believable.

moreover, such as A5 forums, outdated, webmaster home, forums, etc., release soft text, bring our website link. In this case, it is more beneficial for spiders and reptiles to come as soon as possible. However, we must remember, do not send obvious advertising articles, so that not only may lead to the deletion of the administrator’s disposal, we do not advertise the presence of. Treasure ID. Ha ha,

, I stood 1 hours later, site: was included in the Baidu, the new district can not send pictures, here I do not map, and if you do not believe it, go to my blog to see it. There are pictures, there is truth!


since the site has been included in the Baidu GG, then what should we do to make the site bring traffic? I believe this is also <