My little station relies on originality to exist

I’m a fish that swims in the "clippings of the ocean" and swims freely and contentedly. I was in 2005, after work, only for the first time contact with the recommended draft clippings, but now I am entirely cut clippings recommended for a living, living a free SOHO life.

After graduating from University,

was single and came to the South Gate of the motherland, the forefront of reform and opening up —- Guangzhou City, engaged in advertising and marketing planning in an advertising department of a well-known newspaper group. The job was easy and my income was rich, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Then I found out that my character wasn’t suited to the advertising world at all. I’m not in private and leadership set almost, but not changing the pattern for customer gifts, please people eat, I will never do this, it means I can in the mall is very little of the possibility of successful in the official career. So, I quit.

modern city life consumption level is high, the rest of watching the money I need not to live on for half a year, so I find now, newspaper clippings recommend, then every day to read books and newspapers, the Internet, scanning, send clippings recommend. Because I liked reading books and reading newspapers when I was young, but I never thought that literature would be the pursuit of life and the dependence of my life. Anyway, it’s only time for daily delivery, and I’m starting to try to post some articles on the Internet and magazines by email. Did not expect, some articles will soon be published in newspapers and magazines, more than a month later, (the first single from Hubei I paid Wuhan Yihui magazine 30 yuan) I started has continued to receive royalties alone.

started very little money, only five hundred or six hundred yuan a month like, slowly, with the increase of the amount of press clippings recommend, I paid also increased, a month received royalties than I pay at work. At this point, I began to seriously think about the newspaper clippings recommend money. Since I haven’t worked hard yet, I can earn as much money as I can by recommending articles for contributions, so I’ll try harder. Not much more. From then on, I cut down the time of wandering and chatting on the Internet. I began to take the clippings as a job. Pay will have returns, with my not bad writing skills and skilled computer operation, I cut the draft, recommend more and more articles published. Half a year later, I paid monthly income has reached 3000 yuan. This is in the economically developed Guangdong, although not high income. But it can also let me live comfortably, rather than just participate in the work of some people, but also a month 1500 yuan, hotels, shopping malls staff wages is even 1000 dollars not to.

In order to better develop the

clipping recommend industry, newspaper clippings recommend proper dissemination of culture, but also to expand the business scope, let more people and I want to sit at home can have substantial income, I began to set up his own studio on the internet. It is called "SOHO clippings recommendation information network", and also applied for international domain name and so on. Compile a summary of a variety of cutting notes recommended materials, >