Never expected the world’s largest porn site to do charity

February 13th is what festival, I’m afraid no one knows, but because of a family of highly pornographic website Pornhub, and now many people know that this day is the international Day whale (World Whale day). This is because on this day, Pornbub launched a charity event, claiming that at the end of February, it will donate to a whale protection organization Moclips Cetological Society.


but the premise of the donation is that you have to go to the porn video on Pornhub. For every 2000 additional videos, Pornhub donated one cent. The site says they plan to raise at least $30000 before the end of the month, it means that half a month’s time, the website hits to reach nearly 6 billion, and this figure has been Baidu search volume every day is.

so it seems that this "charity" is more like a very ambitious promotion. The potential revenue could be more than $3000 by assembling a large audience in a short period of time to convert some of them into paid users. In just two days, the promotional video of this event has gained more than 5 million views on Facebook, and the purpose of Pornhub’s propaganda has also been achieved.

"now, we hope to divert attention, let them help save life of different types, a huge creature originally in the ocean live and multiply, but because of human economic activity led to the sharp drop in the number of homes destroyed." Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, said in a statement.


Pornhub hopes to reflect their own natural environment for love, but as for why to save whale, instead of penguins and polar bears like animal, which is actually the pornographic content and Pornhub have a strong correlation, because whale and humans have a strong sexual desire.

"humans are not the only mammals that engage in sexual intercourse only for breeding.". Whale is a sexually powerful marine animal, and has evolved a variety of social life in the past, not just reproduction." Ken Balcomb, chairman of Moclips Cetological Society, who works with Pornhub, explains to people.

in fact, Pornhub has always been good at doing and erotic linked public advocacy, as it had carried out "Save the Boobs" ("Save and save the breast), the Balls (" save testicle), meaning simply, is to raise awareness for breast cancer and prostate cancer.

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