Web site design allows users to fill out forms more efficiently


fill in the Internet form is almost every user’s daily experience, such as user site registration and login, shopping, etc., need to fill in various forms. In order for users to get what they want, the form becomes a form of interaction between the user’s requirements and the data needed by the website system. Then the primary goal of the form design is clearer: to fill in quickly, efficiently, quickly and easily.

design goals are clear, so how do you design forms? The following details are presented in terms of form content, organization, processes, forms, elements, controls, and interactions.

The element of the



studies how to improve table availability, let’s briefly take a look at the elements of a general form, so let’s conclude here:

Tags: tell the user what the form problem is.

input box: provides the user to fill in the answer information;

action: a user submits a form, that is, a user clicks on a button or link to perform an operation;

help text: help you with filling in forms;

input feedback: feedback for user input, input correctly or error;


some techniques for improving form availability

a reasonable organization of information content

considers the purpose of the user’s fill in form, which forms need to be filled out, the unnecessary form items removed, and the form content determined. How to organize? Form items are not unordered lists from top to bottom, but are organized into different content groups and different themes according to the content of the form, according to certain logic. At the same time, each logical group and the form items of the same theme are also browsed and filled freely in the order of logical order or user familiar pattern. If the form is too long, it can also be disassembled into different pages, similar to task disassembly, so that users can fill it out step by step.

brand 1 system, new orders, the contents of the form, logically divided into two groups: basic information content (important / required) and additional information (secondary / optional), to distinguish between content groups, the dividing line of clear structure, easy to navigate. When you consider differentiating content groups, you should consider using less visual information, and too much visual information can lead to distracting attention and pose a large amount of visual noise to the form.


The new Baidu

Union account, long form content, while a number of theme, a web page is too big, so the use of multiple web pages to organize the form, step by step to the user, provide the path clear steps, that is clear and simple. When filling, users provide process instructions to avoid tension and confusion.