Some opinions on network marketing

with the continuous popularization of network marketing, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have also joined the ranks of online marketing, network marketing in traditional marketing plays an irreplaceable means. However, most enterprises can not really implement the Internet marketing, because in the Internet age is a market segmentation era, the target customer group must be very clear, rather than casually do some marketing.

network marketing implementation process should not be too mechanized. For example, a mass email marketing, at present, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have carried out the e-mail marketing to promote their products, or contact the customer, and why after a period of time that the results are poor? Most enterprises causes numbness of the mass, such as random advertising investment.

and network marketing has not yet reached the level of attention of the vast number of enterprises. According to the State Council Information Office 08 years released data report: in China’s nearly 4200 small and medium-sized enterprises, only 153 of the construction of enterprise website, there are still nearly 97% enterprises do not have web site. Of these, 51.5% of enterprise websites average daily page visits in less than 50 people. And more than 60% of the information posted through the site of the enterprise website, the proportion is only 28.5%. In other words, only 3% of the small and medium-sized enterprises have really played the role of the website.

in the wake of the economic crisis, e-commerce for economic development plays an important role, especially in the country’s vigorously promotion, enterprises are paying more and more attention to the electronic commerce website construction, of course, also increased with the increase of the service provider’s site is also much. The use of enterprise mail as a means of mail marketing is also more frequent.

of course, Chinese nets remind the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises as the e-commerce businesses, when e-mail marketing, consideration should be given to the customer after receiving the mail marketing probability of your advertisement type have large, try to open the opportunity and how much. At the same time, in order to improve the effectiveness of mail marketing, first of all, the subject should be avoided advertising headlines, to do so that customers can help. Secondly, to avoid a period of high frequency of customer bombing, because it is easy to make the mail server for spam identification. In addition, to make plans, analyze the finer the better, what mail customers send, especially old customers, promotions, holidays, must send greetings mail.

therefore, the majority of small and medium enterprises regardless of website publicity or email marketing, are needed to clarify the customer base, and then one break, on the basis of traditional marketing, the network marketing role played most incisive, best effect to highlight the enterprise product marketing.