Without Baidu am still proud of the webmaster

my Linxi information online line half a month since, Baidu included more than 700 pages, but no one is IP from Baidu. The whole is recommended by netizens themselves. So. I’m not afraid to be Baidu K station! I want to say: no Baidu, I am still proud of the


has just started when there is no promotion. Only from Baidu Post Bar in a post. Not seen what effect. Because of this small town in Linxi, few people have access to the Internet. The Internet is playing a game of


so I put the video advertising in the local population, the largest flow of Commercial Street Center, large screen advertising, there are about one hundred thousand people to see the ads every day. If not, your ears will hear. Listen, forget. Second listen, you will be third times. Remember this site. Moreover, in Linxi business newspaper. I have advertising. Because it is the service business website. I was in the newspaper business, every week three. Each issue will send 5000 copies. This. Even if there are one hundred people. They are businesses. And there is a power the brain of the business. (in our place, there is no big website. So, we all go to the registration. For enterprises to the Internet, businesses need to surf the Internet. Their shops to open an online


is the psychological businesses. Enough to bring 300 visitors to me. Moreover, I registered in a member here for a fee. If you want to free, then you have to recommend your friends to register. When you recommend two friends, then your membership fee can be removed. This one. Two. Two four. I have a lot of members of the


because I am free information platform. Then there will be a lot of people look at local Linxi. They are most concerned about is not a business activity. There is no preferential policy and so on. So. Businesses will publish their own information. Members can publish their own dating information, Qiuzu information


I don’t have to go to other websites myself. Just check it out,


. Even if there is no Baidu, I still have the flow. Moreover, all the local people flow. I’m not going to buy those traffic, because even if your site one hundred million people visit every day, it is to look at the left. This station will never live long. I don’t put GG advertising mom, and advertising. Because of these too little money. Because the traffic is not thousands. And I am a local station. But I put advertising pictures, also can earn a few thousand dollars a year. More than one thousand yuan per month cost of advertising is still very easy.

I bet. I use the same program online and a lot of people, a lot, because I do not develop their own program can only be used online ready-made things. Their changes. I also considered garbage. However, my station must not waste, because I do. And I also get rewards! People use the same procedure, you think of


do you earn? Dare to think,

will succeed!