Online education free and pay the road tradition where to go

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recently, an interesting thing happened, online education for the regular army strong insertion, traditional education is still continue to adhere to the same? June 19, 2014, is said to have official background educational institutions launched a new product – Hui college, from the traditional education to assist hegemony. She is not attracted attention about the product itself, it is the product of the model. So far, the only official online education product is K12’s online education product, the flagship charging product.

earlier, YY and New Oriental split up, launched 100 education, flagship free TOEFL IELTS courses, cut into the core business of New Oriental at one fell swoop, the whole education industry turmoil is not light. Moreover, with the Internet thinking Lei Jun sits, but also to allow free online education has become a hot topic, it seems that the advent of the Internet Education spring. But for educational products, user awareness is paid, free is still behind the pay, which in the education industry not what storm, other industries may have problems difficult to profit, some people worry that free education is not profitable, it is unfounded, the profit method of the sea to go. Free online education has 100 education, and paid Hui college introduction is two pronged approach, let any question online education the spring people rendered speechless. Both the 100 education and the Hui college are aimed at reforming the traditional educational model.

100 can undertake education reform pioneer, so the Hui college what ability juxtaposed before? Ka Lang first introduced this product, from will see some things. When I first saw the product introduction and just downloaded the product, the first feeling was not the product interface, but the product feeling deja vu. Yes, in April of this year, science publishing online education product E, with personalized education as the starting point, the start of the O2O education mode, the near future is further adjusted to make personalized group in the way of online education is more calm and direction. E learning itself is a student, parents, teachers, three party client products, with the analysis of large data, to create a complete network of educational ecology structure. However, as one to one service prices are generally relatively high, will inevitably lead to many students can not learn, and Hui college is just a middle end product

. Learn from the big contrast products and E Hui college is a lot of difference, the traditional education is the long version of education, Hui college is accurate and efficient, one goal of the former is to solve the university high cost and time-consuming problem, and one of the 100 New Oriental Education and the war, quite interesting, but Jia Lang to remind a sentence is not early today to learn new Oriental, want to make a big school or difficult to be taken by surprise.

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it is understood that the capital source of Hui college is provided by the Ministry of education special funds for support and development, and at the conference site, China Education International Exchange >