Skillfully use Baidu to guide traffic

Baidu know the weight is very high, reasonable use of Baidu know website promotion, can play twice the result with half the effort. Baidu knows every day the amount of questions is very high, but the management is also very strict, in Baidu know that post publicity, please pay attention to the following:

1 posted quantity, it is recommended to post no more than twenty a day. Accumulate over a long period of time can be long, you insist.

2 time, the most important choice in the online seven to nine post, at this time the most online members, and even if it was deleted, the probability of appearance is also large.

3 posting topics, it is recommended to the topic related to the forum. Otherwise, not only to delete posts, but also possible to drop the right.

4 post to be addressed in the post, so that the link can be displayed to facilitate everyone click.

5 suggests that you don’t ask yourself spontaneously, so that it is easy for Baidu workers to feel bad and increase the risk.

6 post, try not to bring all the web site, the most with web site and without web site, 37 points to increase the survival rate.

7 most use an account, so that Baidu staff feel that you are honest, want to help others, not to irrigation, the benefits can also improve your level.

8, with the URL of the most direct site address, but the site of a column or paging, that can let others don’t doubt you, and can increase your own page display opportunities.

more than the method, is through my website practice, every day really can bring day ip1000 my flow, luck, Baidu know the key word, also in the first place. The need to remind you that, although Baidu know promotion website, the effect is very good, but don’t forget the Baidu rules your website called the reins, not a particularly, we must master the method and degree, or light is the Baidu know, heavy is Baidu search, it is too late to cry