They gathered network failure is the survival of the fittest is the group purchase industry has The

years ago, when the group purchase is just emerging, scenery infinite, group purchase website is the suddenness of a thunderbolt rapid expansion, from the original dozens in just a few months to hundreds of thousands or even later. Group buying is so popular because it overturns the two verdict that "no pie in the sky" and "no free lunch in the world".

the first people tasted the sweetness after quickly spread a twenty hundred from the group purchase website calls a high. However, in recent years, buy edge seems to have gradually dimmed. Prior to the group treasure network, 24 coupons and other large group buying site appeared strand breaks, staff salaries and other difficulties. The day before yesterday, gathered network announced the internal operation adjustment suspended outside broke its capital chain has been broken, on the verge of collapse, the data show that the 4 group purchase website faced daily average. Then, group purchase website is doomed? Gathered nets dilemma is a single site poor operating results or the whole group purchase industry has the


gathered network was established in June 2010, is the founder of the original 58 city COO Geng cloud breeze, local life services and years of experience, is absolutely hundred-percent inside the industry veteran, said that if the gathered network failures is lost in the operation of enterprise itself, then what is the main factor of


, a network without businessmen to join together, small businesses can not promote the quality of service

large group buying sites are generally underwritten, take the city’s buffet, movie coupons, hotel room vouchers, etc., so that users can increase stickiness and loyalty, improve sales. However, all network clients are mostly small businesses, these small businesses to upgrade the quality of the products and services, more general, not so good customer leading enterprises is a fatal flaw.

: the only food gathered nets model limitations in the choice of

, will be very passive

in group purchase industry, although the catering sales of large, but compared to the hotel, the profit space to narrow, and gathered nets in the early only food, although this time the market will be more professional, easy to open the market, but with the development period, the limitations were revealed. Many people will go to a movie after dinner or what usually have their feet, tourism, hotels and other needs, the single service in market competition obviously at a disadvantage. Although later gathered nets also increased the content, but it was too late, in this era of shopping malls such as the battlefield, there is no time to breathe.

third, funding problems and the environment of the times. This is the failure of the gathered nets the main factors

electricity supplier is a centralized industry, there is no strong backing of funds, to do the wind and water is very unrealistic. E-commerce must have a sound system, including customer development, maintenance and complaint handling, which requires great