Pan Tian learn how to analyze the characteristics of excellent websites

began his career as a computer in high school in 2003, from a fantasy computer to a computer, to computer addiction. Later, self-study computer programming, web design, website promotion, operation, to do planning, in more than 8 years time, encountered numerous problems, learned a lot of excellent websites, how to do successfully. Then he turned back and looked at the road, though it looked crooked. The road must go its own way, and you will find that there are some rules and characteristics between the natural paths. Pan Tian summed up here, and simple sharing with webmaster friends.

we have to learn how to analyze good websites, then it’s necessary to know the difference and advantages and disadvantages between the excellent websites and the bad ones.

good websites for our benefit.

, excellent website can set up positive corporate image and brand image for us. The brand image passes through the website, the visualization delivers to the website surfer, thus achieves the propaganda goal.

two can save our marketing costs, advertising production and promotion costs.

three can quickly complete the transaction, Qian.

four, good word of mouth marketing and word of mouth communication, this very low cost marketing.

is not good (bad, crude) web site:

one, damaging my corporate image,

two has greatly increased your marketing and sales costs.

three restricts our marketing channels and promotion channels.

four, the credibility of the site is not high.

five, and even cause customer dissatisfaction and so on.

What are the characteristics of

‘s excellent web site?.

, in fact, is a good website, and it all comes down to the concept of user experience. Ma Yun also specifically for Taobao human behavior research experts to analyze the behavior of Taobao users. Nothing more than doing research and improvement for "user experience". User experience is good, there are several aspects of thinking:

1 website interface design is beautiful and generous,

website interface design, I suggest using a systematic, unified design system UI to do the design, and the company’s culture, brand concept, corporate image and so on. The world famous Apple Corp, their official website is doing very well, the main colors match the product color. It looks very simple, beautiful and generous.


pan Tian: learn how to analyze outstanding websites, what are the characteristics of

?Is the

2 site easy to operate?.

when customers come to your website, they see something that they like very much