Network marketing embarrassed thing 4 dollars story

a few days ago, and a service abroad friends, talk about their company network marketing thing. Daily site 5,6 hundred visits, and did not let the boss happy, but is badly battered, and feel pressure. It is learned that the two sides signed a contract with the CPC website optimization, as the valuation methods, a IP is actually 4 yuan, so the price and Baidu bidding price be roughly the same amount of telephone consultation, but the day is only one digit, so the conversion rate also lets the author drop glasses, sigh in peer money really sad in the way, for the network marketing, advertisers have no hand of chicken.

uses CPC as the pricing model, is a pricing method of advertising alliance, is also a method of effective marketing, of course, understandable. But no matter what method is adopted as the basis of marketing accounting, advertisers need to have a good understanding of marketing methods. Service providers to CPC and website optimization together, is very unprofessional, and even not genuine practice. The price of CPC in an advertising alliance is calculated per thousand IP instead of each IP, while the usual price between $10-20 and $1000 per IP is at a huge difference at $4 per IP. Website optimization is a system concept, usually the contractual index for the site keywords ranking, also won’t use IP to charge.

went on to talk about, the conversion rate of the topic, for CPC, call volume per thousand IP, the correlation depends largely on the advertising platform on the site, the user’s accuracy, but also to look at the site, the user experience and behavior guidance. Relative website optimization or keyword optimization, conversion rate is largely determined by the choice of keywords, the front of the article also mentioned this content, in the choice of keywords, there are two standards:

1, user attention standards, select the user focus of relatively high keywords, as the bidding and optimization keywords.


2, users purchase motivation standards related to choose some buying behavior, as keyword bidding and optimization, such as air conditioning dealers do when bidding and optimization, to choose air conditioning air conditioning manufacturers offer, what brand of good air conditioning etc. this type of keywords, and do not choose air conditioning power consumption, air-conditioning defrost this kind of key words.

from visits to CPC mode, website optimization, and then to the keyword conversion, seemingly out of order, but for advertisers, only fully understand the knowledge points and relations, will avoid the above network marketing failure cases, advertisers want to practice, into which, the effect of which ability. Majestic-looking style, or to learn more practice.


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