Today the official selling station recorded the course of development

this site I worked hard for a year in March 2008, I bought a space that is eon technology. 100M, I started my career. New station named "G_W_Boy", two months later decided to turn into a forum. Renamed "crown Wei network", "" is a domain name that has been used for this domain name registration in April 2007. The original CN domain name is free.

began forum positioning is to collect the essence of the major sites posted. Because I was studying at Xue Xue college, and I saw a lot of essence posts there. I want to build a website, collect it, and then learn it slowly. The forum program to start with is DVBBS. Mobile network forum.

later found that the amount of the essence of the snow forum was amazing, and the forum made it clear that it could not be reproduced in large numbers. Since it was originally timid, each post format must contain the source text. Unless it’s original. In the use of mobile network procedures, but also invented an increase in GG search function, the post is still in the network’s official website. Because very envious of the snow, snow search there is such a choice, but also can use GG search to increase revenue. It turns out that snow is the vBulletin program.

later discovered that the PHP program was popular and that the mobile network was out of order. Turn data into Discuz! Forum program. Decided to use this program all the time. Then we chose a template, which was produced by the template hall. Some changes have been made to the template. Start adding articles. At that time, 20 articles were reprinted every day, 3 original. Add new features, such as UCCenter UCHome interactive encyclopedia. Membership is also increasing, averaging 1 per day. Then I met a noun called SEO. Then start doing some pseudo originality. Export promotional websites and add forum plugins. The medal center, in particular, took me a week to make medals. SEO plug-ins, and so forth. At this point, I simply wanted to increase the content of the website and help some people.

later met Wangzhuan term, see understand the day to earn 500, the mood is very excited. Began to increase advertising, has been afraid of being K. Dare not let others click. So poor income, about 10 yuan a month. Yes, some webmaster forums have found a very special area, "link trading."". I started selling my link. Then my PR has reached 3, so the asking price is 10 yuan. When with other website links not difficult. Each station stationmaster like relations with beggars everyday. A lot of people ignored me. But because of my sincerity, I changed some and made some friends. In order to increase the chain registered 4 self-help link League, should be these 4 alliance make my PR up to 3., because I have seen a website, a friend chain all have no, there are four of these alliances, PR is 4., very envious. This year has reached 08. Link sale can earn 100 yuan per month. Very pleased。 When you decided to enable the Home page, you found the diy-page program and redesigned it yourself