The 2015 Zhongguancun venture report recently released

2016 years has come, a variety of 2015 summary report released. According to a report in Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun has been the founder + partner as the main business model, the formation of a relatively complete innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

by the administrative committee of Zhongguancun for "2015 Zhongguancun business report" recently released. The report shows that the average income of entrepreneurial enterprises in 2014 increased by nearly 40%, more than 60% of entrepreneurs for self realization and entrepreneurship. With Zhongguancun as the representative of Beijing, has formed a relatively complete system of eco innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation, double stage into the thick with leaves and deep-rooted endogenous growth.

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growth in average income of

"scrapped what good, worthless, who don’t get into a good unit personnel to go out alone." Twenty or thirty years ago, some young people may have been faced with such a pre employment. Today, this concept has long decayed old.

entrepreneurialecology holding a hot "long board theory"