How to store the product

is also a flower shop business, some shops placed the flowers are very skills, so that consumers will be attracted into the shop, and some stores even flowers is very fresh, variety is very rich, but because of the placement problem, it is difficult to attract consumers. Xiao Bian today to bring a lot of dry goods, in the course of the florist’s business, the placement of goods, placing methods will affect the operation of the florist. So, open flower shop, how to put these flower products?

put the goods in the counterclockwise direction

research shows that in our country, the majority of customers in the store is to walk along the counter clockwise, that is, from right to left to see. So we can put the best selling or flower shop to sell goods in the counterclockwise direction of the entrance.

improve product visibility

first of all need to pay attention to is the height of the customer into the shop after the unconscious around the high degree of adaptation; secondly, the small size of the business area of small and medium-sized florist can be considered to display goods shelves for horseshoe shaped arrangement;

for the large business area, operating more than a large flower shop, you can consider the flower shop is divided into a number of rectangular areas, and then the shelves as a horseshoe.

in addition, the owner can look at the display of your goods do not make full use of the florist and space and wall, if these places full use, the channel can be fully retained.

highlight the practical value and advantages of goods

florist in the display of goods, we should try to fully display the personality characteristics of different commodities. For example: the fragrance of flowers to be placed in the most can stimulate the location of the customer’s sense of smell; flowers in the form of novel works placed in the customer’s most easily perceived position of the visual;

as for those expensive, upscale shop goods, such as vases, flowers and other high-end novelty, is best placed in special containers, and the use of suitable light as the background to set off, so that they can highlight the product grade.

of course, here Xiaobian introduced only a few tricks, but flowers are fixed, the operator’s head is flexible, but also according to the actual situation changes. In short, the small series to remind you to store the goods in accordance with the actual situation of their own flower shop, in the display may wish to add personal creativity, to create a warm and full of creative florist.